Sound Ideal   Seminole, Fl

Robin Rothwell

A native of Georgetown, Washington, D.C., Robin has played guitar and sang in bands for 45 years, performing all styles of music in concerts and nightclubs and shows... His early band "SKY", in the late 60's, opened and headlined shows, in D.C. and became an area favorite! Robin's band, CALICO with keyboardist, Brad Trumbull, was formed here in the Tampa area, in the late 70's and performs to this day! Singing, guitar, bass and drums are Robin's gifts and song writing, arranging and producing, fill out his assets, as a modern musical contributor. Robin's love for his music, is only exceeded by his love for his friends!!!  His CD album “30 Years of Friends, Fun & Music”

was released in March of 2014.


Song:  “Our Favorite Spot”

written and performed by Robin Rothwell